Overrated Vs. Underrated

Per the inspiration (and request) of my friend Robert, here is my initial stab at an overrated vs. underrated list. I’m sure I will revise and add to it as time goes on. I’ve actually already added six new things between writing it and pasting it into this Facebook note. I do love a list.

Babies — Teenagers
Sweet — Salty
Bob Dylan — Leonard Cohen
The Bachelor The Big Bang Theory
iPhones — Rotary dials
Monet — Raoul Dufy
Texting — Writing letters
Wicked Jesus Christ Superstar
Brad Pitt — Gabriel Byrne
CSI Lie To Me
Emoticons — Proper grammar
Nightclubs — Diners
R & B — Old-school metal
Swing dancing — Tap dancing
Michael Phelps — Dara Torres
Pride and Prejudice Northanger Abbey
Ikea lamps — Chandeliers
Batman — Wonder Woman
Shoe shopping — Antique shopping
French cheese — Tillamook cheese
Crime dramas — Agatha Christie
Success — Humility
James Dean — Gregory Peck
Romance — Practicality
Disney’s Snow White — Disney’s Robin Hood
Anime — Muppets
New York — Portland
Red — Pink
Christmas — Advent
Meatball Subs — Chicken Parmesan Heros
The Superbowl — The Tonys
Beer — Cider
Beef — Shrimp
Pants — Skirts
Angelina Jolie — Famke Janssen
The “Octo-Mom” — Hardworking, responsible parents
Macs — PCs
iTunes — Hulu
The Colbert Report — Stephen Colbert when he was on The Daily Show
Jonas Brothers — Westlife
Passive-aggression — Debating
Weddings — Funerals
Keith Olbemann — Rachel Maddow
Leather — Sequins
Diamonds — Sapphires
Business Casual — White Tie
Computers — Typewriters
Jeans — Kilts
Seinfeld Keen Eddie
Plastic Surgery — Aging gracefully
Strawberries — Marionberries
Tea — Cocoa
Perfection — Patience
Summer — Fall
Paris — Ireland
Sarah Palin — Jill Biden
Gossip Girl Gilmore Girls
The Twilight series — The His Dark Materials series
Late-era Beatles — Early Beatles
Molly Shannon — Ana Gasteyer
Digital cameras — Black and white pictures
Interior design — Filling your house with mismatched stuff that looks like you
Blue vs. red states — Having friends who disagree with you
Cameron Diaz — Naomi Watts
Being sexy — Being smart
Lost Torchwood
Movie stars — Film editors
Video games — Board games
Football — Croquet
Coke — Sweet tea
Wii — Guitar Hero
Madonna — Cyndi Lauper
Hair product — Water and bobby pins
Makeup — Moisturizer
Swanky hotels — B&Bs
Vegas — Walla Walla
Silk — Cotton
Slasher movies — Snakes on a Plane
Medical dramas — The Avengers
Math — History
Freud — C.S. Lewis
Pratfalls — Dry wit
Dinner — Breakfast
Tom Cruise — Clive Owen
Paperbacks — Leatherbound books


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