Sal, Dorothy, Lydia & Glen

TRAITS INHERITED FROM MY GRANDMOTHER LYDIA (DAD’S MOM): Obsession with Watergate. Argumentativeness. Stubbornness. Pride in being smarter than people. “Tough love.” Love of retro kitsch like plaster seahorses in the bathroom or commemorative plates from every state in the U.S. Terrible eating habits. Sass. Fierce protectiveness of family.

TRAITS INHERITED FROM MY GRANDFATHER GLEN (DAD’S DAD): Tanning easily. Fascination with Celilo Falls. Patience and tolerance. How to treat the handicapped with dignity and respect. Love of card games, trains, old books, Oregon history, heights, fresh-picked cherries, old cartoons like “Huckleberry Hound,” sourdough pancakes, and records.

TRAITS INHERITED FROM MY GRANDMOTHER DOROTHY (MOM’S MOM): Innate, pervasive, unable-to-extricate-yourself-from-it cultural Catholicism. Actual practicing Catholicism. Obsessive need to cram every flat surface full of stuff. Willingness to dig through any amount of crap at a yard sale or antique store in the hopes of finding something awesome. Passionate love of baking, antique jewelry, Christmas decorations, tea parties, religious art as decor, and brunch.

Big Polish nose. Dislike of bigots, flakes, lazy people and liars. Love of pithy one-liners, travel, the Willamette Valley, and doing things well. Strong opinions. Dignity of workers. Desire to not live in Galveston, Texas.


3 thoughts on “Sal, Dorothy, Lydia & Glen

  1. So, your “gypsy” heritage is from Dorothy? You know, the one that gets you to take bags of “decorations” from one job to another. So many bags that your friends with cars must come pick you up so you can transport said bags – so many bags that the bus drivers would consider you homeless, but dressed to nicely?

    P.S. You need to write a book a la David Sedaris, my dear!

  2. kim, if you ever had a chance to see my grandmother’s house, then everything would fall into place. seriously.

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