Day # I don’t even remember: Enter Jessica.

ACK.  Daily blogging FAIL.  I have lost all track of how long it’s been since I posted.  And I’ve even been doing stuff, I’m just too lazy to blog about it.

Well.  Lots to tell today.

So I met for the first time with Jessica, my director.  SO EXCITING.  Jess directed my play Upon Waking in last year’s Fertile Ground Festival, and we were both very skittish; neither of us had done it in awhile and we were sort of clinging to each other and panicking.  We both feel more confident this time around.  I’m really looking forward to letting go of this script a little more; last year we sometimes did an awkward dance around certain artistic decisions that lived in a gray area between both of us, because I felt more timid about the script and felt the need to constantly explain stuff.  I think – and everyone else so far agrees – that this script is stronger by any objective measure.  I feel way farther along than I was at this time last year and Jessica’s directed on a way bigger scale since then, so we’re both more secure in what we’re going to be doing.

We talked a lot about casting, and are hashing out whether we think, with a 5-night run, we can possibly afford to cast an Equity actor.  It doesn’t really look like it, but I’ve got my hopes on one for Magnus so I’m reeeeally hoping we can make it work . . . And she’s got some great ideas for other roles too.  Lots to think about, lots to work with.

Oh, I killed off another character.  R.I.P. Brother Stephen.  Jess is hugely relieved, since he was 90 and she was way stressing about how to cast him.  I kind of liked him – he was a crazy old firebreather who quoted from Revelations and said crazy crap about the end times and hated women and young people – sort of the monastery’s “hey you kids get off my lawn” guy.  I really wanted to keep him, but he had to get the axe.  The good news is the play is now down to under 75 pages.

That’s right.


Jess and I are so relieved we don’t have to worry about it being two and a half hours long.  I think not panicking about length will free us up to play around more with pacing, since we won’t be trying to clock through everything as fast as possible to get done before 10 p.m.

The other fun part about tonight was giving Jess her Catholicism 101 homework.  She is now the proud owner (well, borrower) of a stack of books ranging from C.S. Lewis to the teachings of the ancient Cistercian desert fathers – with a side of Leonard Cohen and the Book of Psalms.  We’re planning a field trip to Mount Angel Abbey to meet some monks, and I’m taking her to Mass with me.  Yay!


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