1st WEEK OF ADVENT: Friday, December 4th

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Go HERE to read the true story of the life of Saint Nicholas and where our gift-giving traditions come from.


This Sunday is the feast of Saint Nicholas.  All around the world tonight, children will place wooden shoes outside filled with straw in the hopes that St. Nicholas will fill them with gifts (if they’ve been good).  Saint Nicholas was a Christian bishop who lived over 1700 years ago.  He was famous for his generosity; a wealthy man, he became known for giving to those less fortunate.  The most popular story about him (which may be true, or may be a popular myth) goes like this: A poor man had three daughters who were all getting married, but he had no money to give them on their wedding day.  One night, the girls left their stockings hung by the fire to dry, and Saint Nicholas, having heard of their misfortunes, came at dropped a bag of gold into each stocking.  This is where our tradition of Christmas stockings comes from.

This weekend, give an unexpected gift to someone who’s made a difference in your life and who represents Christ to you – something meaningful that doesn’t cost a lot.  Bake cookies, burn a mix CD, write a letter, or make something.  Spend time instead of money to show this person how much they mean to you.  Be sure to give them the gift in person and tell them why they’re so special.


One thought on “1st WEEK OF ADVENT: Friday, December 4th

  1. I love the story of St. Nicholas. We are have a ‘gently worn’ shoe drive at church this week, in honor of St. Nicholas. Somewhere some child is going to end up with the cutest monkey sandles ever, curtsey of Ms. Lucy

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