New Project #1: The Claire and Gilberto Show

So, I have this friend named Gilberto, and I’m writing a play with him.   It is proving to be an interesting and semi-hilarious process.  Gilberto has never written a play, and I’ve never written with a partner, so we’re both learning on the fly.  I’m not going to lie to you guys, easily 2/3rds of the times we get together to write, we just sit around and drink coffee and make fun of each other.   Our relationship is very interesting, given that Gilberto is dreamy and tall and Mexican and all my girlfriends are in love with him, while I am short and loud and insane.  For example, if our lives were a Disney movie, Gilberto would be the handsome prince and I would be the wacky talking-animal sidekick.  Like so:



Gilberto wrote a short story about a trip he took to visit his family in Queretaro, Mexico, and after we worked together on How the Light Gets In, he asked me if I would be interested in collaborating on turning it into a script, and of course, because I have been a fan of Gilberto’s since my Artists Rep days, I said yes.  It’s a great story, and we’ve been having a lot of fun working on it.   It’s an interesting process because all the characters are real people from his family, and the story and relationships aren’t ones that I created, so it’s a little bit like acting, in a way, where you try to find your way around inside a character that someone else created and that you can’t totally control.  It’s a crazy, up-and-down process but I think our brains are really in sync and it’s going to turn out pretty well.  If God continues to be on my side, this might be my first play that gets an actual production; Gilberto’s family are working on helping us get some funds from the local government in Mexico to produce the show there after Gilberto translates it into Spanish.  We’ve also gotten some great feedback here in town from Olga Sanchez, Artistic Director of Miracle Theatre and one of my favorite Portland theatre people.  We’re super excited.

Anyway, watch this space for more information as the play progresses.  It’s gonna be good times.


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