A Memo To December 2009 Claire, From December 2010 Claire.

Dear One-Year-Ago Self,

Here are some things that are going to be happening one year from today which you are extremely unlikely to believe.

  • You will not once, this entire calendar year, be overdrawn for more than a day.
  • I KNOW.  I’m as surprised as you are.
  • Your next play will be in Spanish.
  • I know you don’t speak Spanish.  But your writing partner does.
  • Yes, I know you said you’d never write with a partner.  You will change your mind.
  • Remember that tall Mexican actor from Artists Rep that you totally thought hated you forever because you spelled his name wrong in the Take Me Out playbill?  He will be your writing partner.
  • Contrary to all your expectations about co-writing, it will work astonishingly well.
  • You will still have trouble with his name.
  • He will ridicule your accent whenever you try to speak Spanish, and yet you will jointly write a play in Spanish.
  • Morgan Cox will be in it!
  • Yes, I know you haven’t worked with her since high school, but you will reconnect with her via Facebook and she will come up from L.A. to do your show, and it will be awesome.
  • Your writing partner will meet with the Minister of Culture in Mexico about your project and the government may give you money to do a full Spanish-language production of the play, at a real theatre and everything.  Maybe.  Not sure.  2011 Claire has more information on that.
  • You will do this play for Fertile Ground and collaborate in a joint venture with two OBT dancers, including one who has never once, to date, spoken two words to you.
  • You will share with these dancers a performance space which is, essentially, a giant abandoned warehouse, and which looks significantly more like an abattoir than anywhere else any of you have performed.
  • Like seriously.  It looks like a place where people get murdered on “Law & Order: SVU.”
  • You will place an absurd amount of pressure on the success or failure of this project and convince yourself that your entire future career as a writer depends on it.  (You will be significantly more prone to existential meltdowns than you currently are.  Probably because you’re nearing 30.)
  • You will be nearing 30.  I know you know that, but it’s good to be prepared.
  • You will finally, finally, FINALLY feel like a real writer.

Have fun!

Love, Your Future Self.

P.S.  True story – your next play is about astrophysics.


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