The Reviews Are In!

Portland shows some love for Dear Galileo!


The Oregonian

“It speaks well for Claire Willett’s drama Dear Galileo that its staged reading was presented by Artists Repertory Theatre in one of its large halls and featured a top-flight cast highlighted by the reliably engaging David Bodin. And Willett’s ambitious writing was worthy of such resources . . . A very promising work . . . wears a love of learning on its sleeve . . . scrupulously shaped.”

Read the whole thing HERE.

Oregon Arts Watch

“Willett is up-to-date on her science — I bet she’ll change her script if the Hadron supercollider near Geneva actually locates the Higgs boson, or ‘God particle,’ which theoretically gives particles their mass. Look, I don’t understand that either, but I bet Willett does, and a lot of present-day and Renaissance astrophysics makes its way smoothly into her script, and it even provides a central metaphor, one of connection at the most basic sub-atomic levels.  At last summer’s JAW new play festival, a couple of plays had a science orientation, too, and now I’m thinking that the city may need a ‘science theater’ to stage them all. Dear Galileo should be in its first season.”

Read the whole thing HERE.

Portland Mercury

“Dear Galileo is a promising new work, smart and sensitive . . . The most potent parts of the text come in the juxtaposition between Jasper’s lectures on the physics of the universe including black holes, the Doppler effect, and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and the simple observations of a curious child who likes to look at the stars.”

Read the whole thing HERE.


One thought on “The Reviews Are In!

  1. Claire,

    You are a spectacular talent! And Oregon does have a science theater, it’s called OMSI…they need to know about your work!

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