Sassy Gay Friend Presents: “The Sleeping Beauty” (Starring the dancers of Oregon Ballet Theatre)

Long have I waited for the day when my playwriting life and my work-with-ballet-dancers-all-day-long life would meet and form a harmonious union.  And lo, the end-of-season party in May 2011 provided just such an opportunity.  (Why am I just posting this now?  Because the production department recorded it and then there were some staff transitions and a tour to Korea and three shows and a million other things going on down there, so they just gave me the CD today and I IMMEDIATELY watched it three times and was full of delight.)

Please to enjoy the comedic stylings of Mia Leimkuhler as Princess Aurora, Christian Squires as Sassy Gay Friend, Artistic Director Christopher Stowell as The Sarcastic Artistic Director, and Claire Willett as Extremely Pleased With Herself.


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